Gilles Dind leaves Switzerland Tourism

After almost 20 years as Switzerland marketer, Head of Markets West and member of the Executive Board of Switzerland Tourism (ST) Gilles Dind will leave the national tourism marketing organization at the end of 2022.

Gilles Dind

At the beginning of 2003, Gilles Dind, now 48, from Vaud, started his career at ST as Marketing Manager in the Paris office. Just three years later, he was put in charge of building up the Spain/Portugal market and moved to Barcelona to do so. In the spring of 2013, Dind was promoted to Market Group Manager Western Europe and member of ST's Executive Board, at the same time taking over management of the France market. And finally, in January of this year, he relinquished the operational management of the French market and took over the management of the Western markets, i.e. half the world. Gilles Dind can thus look back on a multi-faceted career at ST.

According to ST, at the same time he had become convinced that it was time for a reorientation - to mark the company's anniversary, as it were. The main goal was to spend more time with his family in Barcelona again, instead of at airports and in hotels. For this reason, Dind decided to leave ST at the end of the year and to work independently in the hospitality sector in Barcelona.

ST plans to advertise the position of Head of Markets West soon, and the marketing organization hopes to receive numerous applications from Western Switzerland.

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