Corinne Schlatter becomes deputy editor-in-chief of Schweizer LandLiebe

Corinne Schlatter will become deputy editor-in-chief of Schweizer LandLiebe from the publishing house of Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz as of July 1. She has been a permanent member of the editorial team for almost twelve years.

Corinne SchlatterCorinne Schlatter joined Schweizer magazine in 2011 as an editor. CountryLovewhen it had just been launched on the market. For almost twelve years, she has been writing on topics relating to nature, gardening, agriculture and animals as part of editor-in-chief André Frensch's team. The journalist knows what she is talking about: In her younger years, she studied biology for several semesters and is also connected with agriculture. She regularly helps out on the family farm in the Fricktal region of Aargau and markets the fruit harvested there. Before she became a CountryLove she worked as a sports editor at the NZZ active.

Now Corinne Schlatter will be deputy editor-in-chief of the CountryLove, which is published by Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland. "Corinne lives the CountryLove-mind. She understands the subject matter like no other. She writes not only about CountryLovetopics, it also lives them," says André Frensch, editor-in-chief of the CountryLove.

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