Katia Murmann leaves the Blick Group

Katia Murmann, Chief Product Officer Blick and Ringier Global Media as well as member of the Executive Board Blick, has decided to leave the Blick Group and will focus on expanding her mandates. Marco Rüegger is taking over on an interim basis.

Katia Murmann

Katia Murmann held senior positions at Ringier for more than nine years, during which time she drove the transformation of the Blick Group. As Editor-in-Chief Blick.ch, she played a key role in the digitization of the newsroom from 2017 to 2021. Since 2019, Murmann has also been a member of the Blick Group Executive Board, transformed IT and built up the product and marketing area as Chief Product Officer. From 2021, as Chief Product Officer within the Global Media Unit, she was also responsible for building up the international team.

Together with Ringier CFO Annabella Bassler, she founded the 2019 EqualVoice Initiative, which advocates for greater visibility and diversity of women in news coverage. (Werbewoche.ch reported several times). Also since 2019, she has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss media database SMD and Swissdox.

"Katia led two of the most ambitious and important projects of recent years with the development of an independent product area for the Blick Group and also internationally for the Global Media Unit," Ladina Heimgartner, CEO of the Blick Group and Head Global Media Unit of Ringier, was quoted as saying in a statement. "With her know-how, she has contributed significantly to the digital transformation and the professionalization of processes. Through her reflective and focused commitment, she has been able to build many bridges within the group and unite important areas."

Katia Murmann is leaving the Blick Group at her own request on August 1 and will remain associated with Ringier until the end of 2022 in various projects - such as EqualVoice or the international product initiative UserX. She will also continue to serve on the board of directors of SMD/Swissdox. In addition, Murmann is now focusing on new mandates. Among other things, she was elected to the Board of Scope Content in mid-June and is on the advisory board of several start-ups, including ElleXX.

"These commitments have taken up more and more space in recent months, so that in the long term I can no longer reconcile them with my operational activities for the Blick Group as well as internationally for the Ringier Global Media Unit," says Murmann, explaining her decision.

Marco Rüegger, who already holds a senior position in Product Management, will succeed Katia Murmann as Head of Product for the Blick Group on an ad interim basis.

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