SRF: Katharina Locher to be new TV correspondent in Bern

Katharina Locher is to become the new TV correspondent in Bern, in addition to anchoring "Schweiz aktuell. She succeeds Joël Baumann, who moves to the editorial team of "Puls" at the beginning of April.

SRF Katharina Locher wird neue TV-Korrespondentin in Bern
(Image: SRF/Oscar Alessio)

After returning from maternity leave in the fall of 2020, Katharina Locher spent a few months as a TV correspondent in Bern before returning to "Schweiz aktuell" as a presenter. She stood in for Joël Baumann, who was temporarily helping out as a maternity replacement at the knowledge magazine "Einstein" at the time.

Locher will now smoothly transition to taking over the correspondent position in Bern in parallel to her moderating activities at "Schweiz aktuell". This will be done together with the current correspondents Urs Gilgen and Matthias Thomi. Locher will take over from Baumann, who will move to the editorial department of the health magazine "Puls" at the beginning of April 2022.

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