Le Temps: Grégoire Nappey joins the Editorial Board

New addition to the editorial team of Le Temps. Grégoire Nappey joins the title as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. In addition, the "Debates" and "Opinions" sections are being expanded.

The former editor-in-chief of Le Matin joins as Deputy Editor-in-Chief on June 1, 2022. Le Temps. There, Nappey will be responsible for the current topics as well as for the digital edition of the title. The trained historian and author of "Histoire suisse" is currently in charge of communications at Prométerre.

Nappey is an experienced journalist with expertise in the digital field. He built up Newsnet, the first in-house agency for the production of online content for Tamedia's French-speaking Swiss titles. He also served as deputy editor-in-chief of 24 heures responsible for the Digital division.

More changes in the editorial team

There are other new additions to the editorial team headed by Madeleine von Holzen. Paul Ackermann will become Paris correspondent from June 1, 2022. He will remain a member of the editorial team to help develop the title's digital strategy.

Serge Michel, deputy editor-in-chief of Le Temps, will take over the development of "opinions" (Meinungen) and "debates" (débats) as of June 1. He will remain as editor-in-chief of Heidi.news exist.

Eléonore Sulser, responsible for the new Saturday issue Entre-Temps, and Xavier Filliez, responsible for multimedia, will further develop these formats in the Editor-in-Chief's office. And Richard Werly, currently deputy editor-in-chief and correspondent in Paris, is leaving Le Temps after 20 years of activity, to turn to new projects.

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