Two new additions to the editorial team of NZZ am Sonntag

At NZZ am Sonntag, there are two new additions to the editorial team. Anja Burri and Gordana Mijuk will be promoted as of April 1. They replace Alain Zucker, who wants to write more again and will move into the background as a writer in July.

NZZ am Sonntag
The editorial team of NZZ am Sonntag as of April 2022: Jonas Projer, Nicole Althaus, Gordana Mijuk, Anja Burri and Thomas Stamm (from left to right). (Image: Joël Hunn)

Anja Burri and Gordana Mijuk, together with Nicole Althaus, who has headed the magazines since 2014, as well as Thomas Stamm, Head of Digital, and Jonas Projer, now form the new Editorial Board of the NZZ on Sundayas the NZZ announced on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old Burri has worked for more than five years for the NZZ on Sunday, first as background editor, then as page editor and, since November 2020, as head of the domestic desk. Prior to that, she was the Federal Parliament editor for the domestic desk of Tages-Anzeiger and The Covenant active. Between 2009 and 2013, she wrote for the news agency SDA in Bern, where she completed a two-year traineeship including a MAZ diploma. She studied sociology, history and media studies at the universities of Basel and Vienna, graduating with a licentiate.

Gordana Mijuk, 48, has been working for the NZZ titles since 2006, initially as an editor in the Zurich department of the daily edition. In 2010, she switched to the NZZ on Sundaywhere she wrote for Hintergrund-Bund and took over as head of the foreign desk in 2017. She began her journalistic career at the Associated Press news agency in Bern and Zurich before moving to the business desk of the Aargauer newspaper switched. She graduated from the University of Zurich in German Studies, Philosophy and History and holds an Executive MBA.

However, the two new deputy editors-in-chief will both continue in their management functions for the foreign and domestic departments. Burri is domestic editor-in-chief, Mijuk foreign editor-in-chief. In addition, Mijuk will take over the role of managing editor from Alain Zucker, who intends to devote more time to writing and research and will therefore move to the background department from July. (SDA/swi)

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