Andrej Isler leaves Brandsoul and starts two new companies

After around 25 years as owner of X-act and as partner and ECD of Brandsoul, Andrej Isler is launching two new companies. The long-standing co-owner of Brandsoul Carole Ramuz has taken over the agency as of January 1, 2022.

At the age of 27, Andrej Isler founded X-act and helped shape the development of the event marketing and live communication scene in Switzerland. With "The Happening LCC", Isler wants to take two steps further in the field of event and brand experience. "Immersive Experiences" is the subtitle of his new company. With the support of multimedia and digital media, event participants will be able to immerse themselves in multisensory worlds. Brand messages would be made tangible there with the illusory stimulus and remain better in the minds of the participants. "The focus of The Happening is not on technology, but on people, their needs and sensations," explains Isler.

The wording "The Happening" comes in origin from New York action artist Allan Kaprov. "The interactive way Allan Kaprov lived out his art is inspiring," Isler continues. "It's always about the moment. It's moments that shape, that are remembered, and that's where we pick up with The Happening. We're using our years of knowledge and leveraging new technology capabilities to engage all six senses and create a powerful, focused and high-quality momentum." In addition to events and brand experiences, The Happening also offers interactive exhibitions, show productions, cultural and art experiences and other events.

With "Creating Future" to company transformation

Under the motto "Inspire. Activate. Change," Andrej Isler wants to help companies reposition themselves with "Creating Future. A cultural change and psychological empowerment of employees are at the center of this, he says. "The formats of "Creating Future", activation campaigns, transformation consulting and Future Labs, take a holistic approach and focus on people as a success factor for successful change," Isler elaborates. "In this way, stakeholders' creative competence and ability to cooperate are promoted and the emotional acceptance of change is increased."

In "Creating Future," interactive formats with playful elements are intended to stimulate new thinking and intrinsic motivation. In addition, the focus will be on developing a vibrant corporate culture in which strategies become effective through a high level of commitment. "This activation of human resources creates a sustainable basis for innovation and resilience in the company," Isler emphasizes.

Creating Future" is organized as an agile competence and creative hub with a network of industry experts and futurologists. Depending on company-specific goals, an interdisciplinary team and program are put together.

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