Le Temps: Two new department heads

The two journalists Aline Bassin and Alie Jaccottet will take over as heads of the Business and International departments as of December 1. They succeed Valère Gogniat and Marc Allgöwer.

Le Temps Journalistinnen

Aline Bassin has already been with the business department of Le Temps active. Previously, she worked as a radio journalist at RTS. As the new head of department, she wants to "take the pulse of the Swiss economy," as she says in a statement from Le Temps is quoted.

Valère Gogniat, the former head of the business department, is now responsible for the "Events" section of Le Temps.

For the past four years, Aline Jaccottet has been a correspondent for Le Temps in Israel and the Palestinian territories. She is now in charge of the "International" section and wants to use "lively and inclusive narrative journalism" that "brings close what seems far away," according to the statement.

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