Achim Podak leaves SRF

Achim Podak has decided to end his work at SRF. He has been responsible for special projects and collaborations in the culture department since the beginning of 2021. He previously headed the "TV and Video" department within the culture department for ten years. Achim Podak now wants to take on new tasks outside the company.

Podak joined what was then Schweizer Fernsehen in 2005 from ARD, first as editor and later as producer of "Kulturplatz". He expanded the weekly culture magazine's film coverage and developed the cinema magazine "Box Office", which he edited from 2009 to 2011.

Following the merger of radio and television, Achim Podak took over overall responsibility for a large number of cultural journalistic editorial departments and formats as Head of Division in 2011. In this role, he was involved in the expansion of science reporting at SRF and has linked it, as well as cultural topics, even more closely to the current affairs reporting of the information department. As project manager, Achim Podak's responsibilities in recent years have included the national themed evening "Dataland" and the cultural focus "SRF Menschmaschine".

As part of the "SRF 2024" transformation, the management of the existing "TV and Video" department was transferred to Kathrin Ruther and at the same time transferred to the newly created "Society and Knowledge" department. Achim Podak has since been responsible for special projects and cooperations on the staff of the Head of Culture Department. He has now decided to leave SRF at the end of July 2021 and devote himself to new tasks outside the company.

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