Blick TV: Rahel Lenz is the new presenter of the "Blick" referendum campaign

The "Blick Referendum Campaign" has a new face: The Blick TV political programme will be hosted by Rahel Lenz with immediate effect. The 32-year-old has been working as a presenter and video editor at Blick TV since February 2021.

Rahel Lenz is the new presenter of the "Blick Referendum" campaign on Blick TV. (Photo: Thomas Meier)

On Wednesday, Lenz will host her first "Blick poll" on Blick TV. The presenter and video editor takes over from Jonas Projer, who has left the digital channel. "Rahel Lenz has proven herself to be an excellent presenter and editor and has demonstrated her political knowledge," says Stephanie Seliner, team leader moderation at Blick TV. "We are looking forward to the future 'Blick Vote' campaign with her".

Tomorrow's programme is about the revised CO2 law. The guests are FDP Councillor of State Damian Müller on the pro side and SVP National Councillor Christian Imark on the opposite side. Starting at 6 p.m., they will debate in a race against time - each is allowed to speak for exactly seven minutes. The viewers have the final say: they can vote for their favourite on, and the winner receives a free advertisement in the printed Blick.

"The 'Blick Referendum' is a highly dynamic and innovative format," says Rahel Lenz. "As a moderator, I look forward to controversial, relevant and fair political discussions. With critical and persistent questioning, I want to bring clarity to complex political proposals."

Before Blick TV, Rahel Lenz worked as a presenter, video journalist and producer at the bilingual channel TeleBielingue, and before that she worked at Tele Bärn for five years. She studied at the MAZ Lucerne and completed acting studies in the USA. In 2016, she won the Swiss Press Award for a series of reports on a bullying case.

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