Pink new without much pink and with new partner

After Rosarot recently moved into the new and self-designed agency premises, the newly created website now follows - without too much pink. At the same time, the agency reorganizes itself into a single unit and welcomes Labinot Gashi as a partner.

After the beautification in the real world, now comes the digital lift. In an intensive beauty treatment, the website symmetry was balanced, the design tightened, the content chopped, superfluous data sucked out, internal links deep-cleaned, page performance corrected, usability increased, SEO fillers used and meta information implanted. Now the Zurich agency shows itself with the new page from the chocolate side. With the new content structure, Rosarot wants to make it clear at first glance which four disciplines the agency specializes in: design, content, digital and architecture.

The yellow (or pink?) of the egg for Easter

Because the creatives couldn't decide whether Easter is more beautiful or their own website, they combined both: Easter on Anyone who discovers on the site that the yellow of the egg can indeed be pink will perhaps also find the hidden Easter bunny. Clicking on it directly enters you in the competition to win an ounce of gold.

Labinot Gashi as new partner

In the course of merging design, content and digital projects, Rosarot is optimizing processes and repositioning itself as a single entity: While various stock companies were previously united under the Rosarot brand, since the new year design, content and digital have been united in one company. Labinot Gashi is now also a partner under this new entity. The digital marketing specialist has already published four online marketing books, is a lecturer at the FHNW and heads the digital unit at Rosarot as a member of the management board.

Labinot Gashi is a new partner at Rosarot.

Creative oasis in Zurich

To allow employees to live out all their creativity, Rosarot recently created its own place of well-being. In 2020, the agency moved into its new premises. Rooms over five meters high, large plants, meeting rooms "with a view," generous windows, a 120-square-meter gallery, communal zones, retreats and a round ping-pong table welcome employees and clients. The interior design was created by the agency's own designers.

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