The Swiss journalist repositions himself

The Swiss Journalist has to reorganize itself in terms of organization and personnel. The reason for this is the Corona crisis and the associated massive drop in advertisements. Editor-in-chief David Sieber leaves the magazine after two years.


"We already had a challenging environment in previous years, but in 2020 we lost a third of our advertising revenue in one fell swoop," publisher Johann Oberauer wrote in a statement. Editor-in-chief David Sieber, who has been responsible for the Swiss journalist is therefore ending his mandate, the statement continues. During his time in office, he had significantly increased the circulation and opened up new readerships.


Reduction not provided

Unlike many other media houses, however, Oberauer wants to avoid reducing the scope and thus also the content. He says this is possible thanks to cooperation between the editorial teams in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The practice and international sections will be combined on 48 pages in a common core. The respective national topics will be bundled in a jacket of at least 36 pages. As in previous years, there will also be an extra 16 pages of journalists' workshops. In other words, a total of at least 100 pages of industry information for journalists every two months. "If unconventional solutions help to bridge extremely difficult times, we have to take them," Oberauer said in the release.

The Swiss journalist will continue to have its own editorial management, which will be responsible for Swiss content with a reduced workload. A decision on the appointment will be made in the next few weeks. (pd/swi)

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