Simone Patelli is the new president of Ticino Turismo

Simone Patelli has succeeded Aldo Rampazzi as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ticino tourism organisation Ticino Turismo as of the beginning of January 2021. 


Simone Patelli is the new president of Ticino Turismo. (Picture: ZVg.)

Aldo Rampazzi has stepped down as President of Ticino Turismo at the end of 2020 for health reasons. During his five years in office, important projects were initiated and implemented. At the same time as he took office in January 2015, the new Ticino Tourism Law came into force, heralding a restructuring of the tourism organisation in the Italian canton of Switzerland that responded to the changing needs of the sector. The years were marked by extensive tourism marketing, the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the introduction of the Ticino Ticket, the rebranding of the tourism destination, the nomination of the new director Angelo Trotta and, last but not least, the challenges of the Corona crisis last year.

The Board of Directors of Ticino Turismo has unanimously appointed Simone Patelli as its new President. Born in 1975, Patelli is a qualified banker and has many years of experience in tourism. He has been working at Campofelice Camping Village in Tenero since 1996. There, he first took care of accounting, then personnel, marketing and property management until 2019, when he took over the position of vice-director of the facility. In 2012, he was appointed president of the Ticino Camping Association. That same year, he joined the Board of Directors of Ticino Turismo as a member and was elected Vice President in 2019. He has now taken office as President of Ticino Turismo on 1 January 2021. 

"One of the most important concerns for me is to intensify the cooperation between all the players in Ticino tourism," Simone Patelli was quoted as saying in a statement from Ticino Turismo. "Right now we have a high potential to generate synergies. Because the commissioning of the Ceneri Base Tunnel will bring our regions within the canton even closer together and thus offer new scope for the tourism offer." The experience gained from the Corona crisis will also be incorporated into the strategic direction of Ticino Turismo, which Director Angelo Trotta is currently developing together with the Board of Directors. "It's not an easy year behind us, and we don't yet know how long the crisis will last," Patelli said. "But we have experienced in 2020 that new guests have visited Ticino and regulars have remained loyal. The potential for our tourist destination is great. And our climate, nature and gastronomy are travel reasons that set Ticino apart from the rest of Switzerland. We would therefore like to position ourselves more strongly as a "Green" destination and, above all, focus on sustainable tourism that contributes to the added value of the entire region."

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