President of the PR Suisse Audit Commission steps down

Suzanne Rouden, President of the Examination Commission of PR Suisse, will step down from her position as of 1 January 2021 and hand over to the incumbent PK member Corinne Druey (SRRP). Barbara Paulsen (formerly BPRG) and Sylvia Würsten (SRRP) are also stepping down from the Examination Commission.


Suzanne Rouden (left) hands over the office of President of the PR Suisse Audit Commission to Corinne Druey (right).


After 25 years of service, including 13 years as president of the PR Suisse examination board, Suzanne Rouden (NPRG) will hand over her post to Corinne Druey on 1 January 2021. Druey is the owner of the Syntagme agency and head of education at SAWI in Lausanne. She therefore brings with her many years of up-to-date experience in the sector and in further education, with the corresponding networking.

During her term of office as President of the Examination Commission, Suzanne Rouden, in addition to her regular official duties, helped to design the revision of the professional examination and the higher professional examination and accompanied their introduction, and helped to develop the personal certificate in accordance with the SN EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard launched by the Association in 2017.


Successors for Paulsen and Würsten

The outgoing members Barbara Paulsen and Sylvia Würsten are replaced by Regula Gerber and Alex Josty (both BPRG). Both members bring excellent experience in the communications industry as well as in the area of continuing education and have successfully completed the personal certificate "Certified Communications Consultant". In addition, another member from the French-speaking part of Switzerland will join the examination board in 2021.

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