Pascal Schaub becomes Head of Marketing and Communication at EWZ

Pascal Schaub, former Head of Umbrella Brand at Migros, will be the new Head of Marketing & Communications at energy and communications service provider EWZ (Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich).


Founded in 1892, the company implements ecologically and economically sound energy supply systems throughout Switzerland, is responsible for the supply of electricity in the city of Zurich and parts of Graubünden, and operates a nationwide, non-discriminatory fibre-optic network in the city of Zurich.

Pascal Schaub will take up his new position on 1 June 2020. He most recently headed the Digital Unit at the Detail agency, Switzerland's largest production house. asked him about it.


ewz-t Pascal Schaub, what exactly is your new job at EWZ?

Pascal Schaub: Together with the Brand & Communication, Storytelling & Communication Services and Sponsoring & Events teams, position EWZ as an innovative and attractive company. Our goal is to be the leading company with pioneering energy and communication solutions for all individuals and companies in Switzerland who act consciously and sustainably, and who are committed to the future like no other. A great promise that needs to be proven.


What made you decide to take on this new challenge?

After Migros, I was fascinated by brand performance in the digital world and it was a stroke of luck that I was able to build up partially automated production in a start-up engagement at Detail. The market launch of the innovative offering, pricing and processes has been completed. That's why I was looking for a new challenge in the spring - and came across the ultra-exciting task at EWZ.


After years at agencies and Migros, what attracts you to the energy and communications industry?

Uniquely, EWZ plays at the forefront with the triad of renewable energy, energy and communication services. We want to proactively create and maintain a healthy and equitable environment for all stakeholders, minimise our environmental footprint and be successful in business. Here I can contribute to ensuring that my children have a future in Switzerland in 20 years' time.


How is the new job different from all the others before?

The sense of purpose. For a municipal company like ewz, the focus is not only on economic success, but also on the common good and a sure instinct in dealing with political stakeholders. It goes without saying that marketing communication with moving images, a newsroom approach and data-based creativity makes all the difference.


What are EWZ's marketing and communications ambitions?

In recent years, ewz has already surprised time and again. Since its founding, ewz has stood for genuine technology and product innovations. Projects such as the fiber optic network, the innovative Selnau power plant, the new natural electricity products, or the green posters for Zurich's sustainability make the brand a fresh experience. This spirit of innovation has convinced me. The task now is to further develop ewz's huge brand potential. For example, in the electricity market, which will soon be opening up to private customers as well. Marketing and brand orchestrated and focused on people and digitalization: huge anticipation!

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