Karin Hawelka is the new campaign manager at Vier Pfoten Switzerland

Vier Pfoten Schweiz was able to appoint animal welfare expert Karin Hawelka as head of the campaign department. She replaced Lucia Oeschger as Head of Campaigns at the beginning of this year.

Vier Pfoten

Karin Hawelka founded the animal welfare organization "Care for Dogs Foundation" in Thailand in 2005. With an international team of around 10 employees, she set up an animal shelter with almost 200 street dogs including a clinic, organized sterilization programmes, the treatment of injured or sick dogs, adoption programmes and campaigns. Through her personal commitment, she was able to make a significant contribution to improving animal welfare on the ground. After returning to Switzerland, she is now contributing her experience to Vier Pfoten.

"Together with Karin Hawelka, we want to position ourselves even more strongly in politics, business and the public as influential advocates for animals," says Alexandra Mandoki, Country Manager of Vier Pfoten Switzerland.

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