Walter Tagliaferri becomes Director Advertising at Branders

Branders fills the newly created position of Director Advertising with Walter Tagliaferri. He was most recently with Foundry and looks back on a long career in the Swiss communications industry.


Creative Consultancy, which specialises in omnichannel experiences, has appointed Walter Tagliaferri to the position of Director Advertising. The 55-year-old takes over the management of the communication team with the aim of providing targeted support to branders in the development and communication of holistic brand experiences.

"As a creative consultancy, we aim to develop ideas that translate strategies into emotions and thus unlock new potential. This requires a broad and diverse range of skills that distinguish us as a team and which we are constantly developing," says Branders CEO René Allemann in a statement. "I am convinced that Walter's many years of advertising experience, his professionalism and his specific knowledge of integrated brand communication will decisively strengthen our competencies," Allemann continues.

Walter Tagliaferri looks back on a long career in the Swiss communications industry - after several positions at advertising agencies and as Head of Marketing Communications at Manor, he was Client Service Director and Member of the Executive Board at Havas Worldwide in Zurich between 2008 and 2016. Before joining Branders, he gained experience as Managing Director at Alpha 245, Ruf Lanz and Lesch + Frei, among others. Most recently, he worked at Foundry Zurich. Tagliaferri takes over the leadership of the Communication Team from Thea Ferretti, who will focus on Branders' clients in Southeast Asia.

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