Michèle Seligmann becomes managing director of Stories

The Zurich-based film production company Stories is reorganising its management in 2020: Michèle Seligmann, producer and founder of Onfilm, joins the current management team.


The Stories team: Edoardo Moruzzi, Anna Fueter, Yves Bollag, Tobias Fueter, Michèle Seligmann, Florian Nussbaumer (from left to right).


With its 10th anniversary, Stories is expanding its top management. Executive producer Yves Bollag and director Tobias Fueter, who have built up their company with multiple award-winning works and international clients, are joined by Michèle Seligmann, a proven expert in the operational management of film production companies.

"With the success of the past years, Stories has grown continuously. Today, we are implementing more and more complex moving image productions," says Yves Bollag. "In order to continue to offer our clients the highest quality and service, we have decided to strengthen the management with Michèle."

Michèle Seligmann says: "Emotional films are becoming increasingly important for building a brand in times of fragmented media usage behaviour. In my role as Managing Director, I want to help ensure that we can continue to satisfy the growing market demand in the future with the usual story quality and even more customer service. This also applies to my Onfilm client base that I have grown over the years."


Further new appointments

In addition to the new management, Stories is also filling other key positions. Anna Fueter will become Head of Production and Florian Nussbaumer will lead the Content department. Eduardo Moruzzi will be responsible for the Post Production department.

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