Silvia Fleck leaves NZZ TV

Silvia Fleck, Head of NZZ TV, has decided to leave the NZZ Media Group at the end of the year in order to further her professional development.


Fleck, who joined NZZ in 2014, has headed the NZZ TV division since 2016 with a team in Zurich and an international pool of producers. "Silvia Fleck has been instrumental in establishing the documentary series 'NZZ Format' as a successful quality brand in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and has also further developed the discussion show 'NZZ Standpunkte'," says Eric Gujer, Editor-in-Chief of the New Zurich Newspaper in a statement. "She also served as producer of numerous programs on politics, society, culture and science, consistently focusing on background, depth, differentiation and classification."

The search for a new head of NZZ TV as of the beginning of 2020 has already been initiated, according to the statement.

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