Simone Isermann and Natascha Obermayr strengthen Suva's media team

Simone Isermann and Natascha Obermayr will start as media spokespersons in the media team of accident insurer Suva from 1 November 2018.


Simone Isermann brings with her over a decade of professional experience in the communications industry, according to the statement. She has worked as a communications specialist and media spokesperson for various companies, primarily in the financial industry. Simone Isermann studied journalism and communication sciences as well as industrial and organisational psychology at the University of Zurich.

Natascha Obermayr has been responsible for internal communications at Suva since 2013. She is now moving into the role of media spokesperson. As a former SRF journalist and producer, as well as a project manager in various service companies, she brings with her many years of experience in communications.

Natascha Obermayr is mainly responsible for the topics of leisure time safety; Simone Isermann for claims management.

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