Jürg Schwarz appointed new CEO of the Habegger Group

On October 2, Jürg Schwarz succeeds Simon Ackermann as Managing Director of the Habegger Group.


As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Simon Ackermann has been responsible for the Habegger Group's fortunes since 2010; in 2015, he also took over the operational management of the company. Ackermann is now handing this over to his deputy in order to devote himself to strategic plans and development projects as co-founder of the holding company "Live Matters". The holding company "Live Matters" owns the companies Habegger Group and Satis&fy Germany.

Jürg Schwarz has many years of experience in the live communications industry and has worked for Habegger for over 15 years, most recently as Deputy Managing Director and CSO. During his employment, Jürg Schwarz has experienced various career stages in almost all business areas of the Habegger Group.

Jürg Schwarz himself is looking forward to the new task and says: "The Habegger Group will continue to be a team show, because corporate successes are great team successes across all levels. Together with the Executive Board, we form a management team, and within this we have set ourselves high goals: We want to further strengthen and expand our company's position in the market. The consistent alignment of all activities to the ever-changing needs of our customers is our top priority."

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