Aroma vestrengthens sixfold and lets young people train

Right in the middle of three-dimensional communication and fully involved. Four talents get to know all facets of aroma.


Since the beginning of September, the trainees at Aroma have been experiencing how spaces for the future and experiences for the moment are designed with passion. Anne-Kristin Höllwarth and Ladina Honegger learn how large and small projects are planned. Amandine Voillat is discovering all the dimensions of a 3D poly designer. And Robine Bosshardt is deepening her knowledge of communication and services.

Furthermore, Aroma can look forward to further additions. Nik Bohn brings his skills as "3D Artist VFX" to the creation. Manuel Rutz could be engaged as assembly manager. Nadia Morandi will complete a nine-month "stage" at Aroma in Zurich and then work on the French-speaking part of Switzerland from Lausanne. Bindi Freivogel and Tamara Hagen will strengthen the Atelier team. Adrian Mast will also support production as a carpenter.

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