Publicitas wins Denis Gheysen as new CEO for Switzerland

The new CEO of Publicitas, Denis Gheysen, is expected to bring out more of the company's independence as an advertising intermediary.


The businessman, who has been active in various Swiss telecommunications groups since 1987 and previously internationally, has many years of experience in the areas of business development and restructuring. The 61-year-old manager, who speaks four languages, can draw on a large network in the B2B and retail business, according to the statement.

Jörg Nürnberg, Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Publicitas: "We are extremely pleased with the optimal succession. We are aware of the role that results orientation, partnership and a spirit of conquest play in the success of Publicitas. Mr. Gheysen brings with him a wealth of experience and a lot of energy. We are convinced that Mr. Gheysen will bring out more strongly the advantages of Publicitas as an advertising intermediary in terms of independence from publishers in the interests of clients and partners."

Denis Gheysen will take up his position as Head of Sales, Marketing and Communications in September 2017, relieving the currently interim partners Jörg Nürnberg and Carsten Brinkmeier of these duties.

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