"I would love to travel into space" - Audrey Arnold, LSA CEO from 2024

In the video talk, the new LSA boss Audrey Arnold provides fascinating insights: from the magic of advertising and culinary preferences to intergalactic dreams and Chuck Norris - Arnold shares her thoughts and gives a foretaste of how she would like to shape the future of the association.

Audry Arnold opens the door to her life and professional universe. The view out of the window onto Weinbergstrasse between Central and Schaffhauserplatz captures the current mood - a little gloomy, a little windy. But Arnold does not see this as an omen for her future at LSA. On the contrary, she is convinced that her time there will be positive. When asked about a role model, she emphasizes the importance of the variety of interesting people she has met in her professional career. However, she does not have a role model as such. Her dream, however, extends beyond the boundaries of the advertising world - a desire for peace and increased dialog between people, as well as a trip to outer space. The answers to these and other questions can be found in the exclusive video interview, a transcribed and slightly more detailed version of which appears in the current print edition of m&k.


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