Monami: Manuela Brunner strengthens storytelling agency

New addition at Monami: Most recently at Jung von Matt, Manuela Brunner now joins the agency, which is based in Zurich, Chur and Berlin. Her focus: new markets and technologies as well as scaling.

Photos by Manuela Brunner (credits to her daughter, 4, who was behind the camera).

After many years of building, transforming and empowering medium and large agencies (including Jung von Matt, Freundliche Grüsse, Foundry Berlin and Serviceplan), Manuela Brunner will now work alongside founder David Cappellini to help develop the strategic direction and scaling of the fast-growing content company in particular. How did this come about? Brunner and Cappellini have known each other for years from a joint collaboration for Burger King. "We have always been united by a similar understanding of joint interaction, employee management and development, priorities, definition of quality and a sense of responsibility," says Brunner.

In their conversations, they also both noticed that they are similarly motivated to want to strengthen the agency world and especially the next generation in a positive way. Brunner: "I am very interested in and enthusiastic about the agency business model. And love the people in this industry. In the spirit of sustainability, I accept that certain things cannot be overcome and consistently focus on ensuring that good content and novelty coupled with humanity come first. Deriving from that, we try to create and maintain the right environment for that every day." At Monami, for example, we don't want to define ourselves by hours worked, awards and status, but instead promote fun, innovation and personal development. That this goes hand in hand with a well-functioning agency, Monami has more than proven in recent years. Because, says the 38-year-old : "I have never before met a team that is so committed and friendly to what it does every day. And on top of that, enjoys spending time with the customer and lives the Get Shit Done mentality. I am happy to contribute with my whole person to the further development of Monami. An environment like this, in addition to the industry theme per se, is the reason why my love for the industry continues to burn even after 20 years."

Also in use in Berlin

Brunner also wants to play a part in the newly founded branch in Berlin, as she herself once ran an agency in the German capital. In fact, business in Berlin is already going well for Monami after just a few months, and the portfolio already includes two major clients. In addition, numerous talks are in full swing: "Whether social content via retainer mandate, TikTok initiations, digital campaigns or NFT ideas - we see ourselves as a kind of 'House of Entertainment', always focusing on the right story".

Monami's clients currently include well-known brands such as Seat, Zurich Insurance, Coop and Switzerland Tourism. The agency has over 30 employees and is growing steadily. In addition to Brunner, Morris Krebs (video) and Jaime Valarezo (motion design) recently joined Monami, and Céline Fontana, previously Head of HR at Publicis, will be joining the agency in July.

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