Mediaschneider: Dominik Steiner becomes COO

Dominik Steiner was appointed to the Mediaschneider management team as the new Chief Operation Officer.

Dominik Steiner becomes CCO of Mediaschneider.

Exactly six years ago, Dominik Steiner was one of the 13 wild ones who booted up the new Hoy and quickly had to get used to the fact that in online advertising, technologies and opportunities often change overnight. Steiner has witnessed the development of the young genre - and helped shape it.

He now brings this wealth of experience to Mediaschneider as its new Chief Operation Officer. In his new role, Dominik Steiner will be responsible for training specialists and also, in particular, for the topics of data-driven and media convergence. Moritz Schneider, CEO of Mediaschneider: "Despite his meticulous precision, Dominik has a very pragmatic approach. It is a stroke of luck for us that we could win him as COO for the management. And it's a stroke of luck for our customers."

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