"So much potential in one room!" Regula Bührer Fecker on 4 years of women's work

Four years of women's work. This was duly celebrated last week. The foundation invited 50 women to the Kronenhalle to eat, network and celebrate. Regula Bührer Fecker, the initiator of the foundation, reflects.

Werbewoche.ch: What has the foundation been doing for four years, and what signal do you want to send with the invitation?

Regula Bührer Fecker: 50 extraordinary young women meet at an iconic Swiss location, the Kronenhalle. With this, we wanted to send a signal: We belong everywhere. We wanted to bring together and enable new connections. It was super: From the first minute, the noise level was also pretty high (laughs).

Where do you think we stand in the equality barometer?

We are as a country somewhere in the first third of a long way. Still too early for a picnic. And the destination is not yet in sight.

In your opinion, are women equally efficient at networking?

No. Clearly not. At the luncheon, countless women asked: Why don't we have lunches like this more often? The exchange among like-minded people is incredibly beneficial.

How did the Women's Work Foundation come into being, and how has the platform developed since then?

I wrote a book 4 years ago and financed our foundation from my fee as an author. My point was that young women who want to step on the gas professionally should become more visible, need to be motivated, need exchange. Since then, we have been supporting this with content on Instagram and Facebook and with virtual and live events.

Are you confident that Equality will settle down in society in the foreseeable future?I think Switzerland is missing a discussion about how we all actually want to live and what we mean when we say equality and how we think tomorrow's society might look.

What feedback did you receive from the invited women in the Kronenhalle?

"So much potential in one room!" said one participant. Exactly the same thing went through my mind.

Initiator Regula Bührer Fecker

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