Change in the Wirz Group: Claudio Zinsli replaces Geri Aebi as COO

After 19 years with Wirz, Geri Aebi will be stepping down from operational functions in the Group at the beginning of April 2021 and handing over his position to Claudio Zinsli, who will act as the new COO of the Wirz Group in the future.

Claudio Zinsli is 39 years old and comes from Wunderman Thompson (ex Y&R Group), where he was CFO since 2017 and most recently also Co-CEO ad interim. Previously, he was CFO at the youth TV channel Joiz and completely rebuilt the finance and HR at another start-up company. After completing his Master's degree in Finance&Accounting at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), he initially worked in management consulting at Deloitte for four years from 2010.

As COO and industry expert, Claudio not only brings with him broad financial and communications expertise, but also a great deal of experience and ambition in terms of technology, process optimisation, organisational development, digitalisation and automation - which is precisely why his remit as COO Group will extend far beyond the financial sphere. He is also very pleased to be able to engage in entrepreneurial activities as a future co-owner of the Wirz Group. "The connection and further development of technologies and operations are also important competitive advantages in the agency world", Petra Dreyfus points out, "Claudio brings the necessary experience and ambition for these areas".

For almost two decades, Geri Aebi was one of the defining figures of Wirz as Switzerland's leading independent communications group. He headed Wirz Communications from 2002 and was CEO of the Group from 2010 to 2016, before spending the last five years as CEO of Wirz Services. Since 2016, he has also been Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wirz Partner Holding. Thomas Städeli says of him: "Geri's talent lay, among other things, in bringing the view of a creative but at the same time also that of a business economist to his work and thus guiding him through everyday agency life". However, retirement is not the only thing that suits Geri; as a Wirz shareholder and with his work for selected mandates, such as for his heart's club GC, he will not be completely lost to Wirz, the company says.

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