Greetings from the Home Office - Episode 23: Parvez Sheik Fareed, PAM Advertising

Parvez Sheik Fareed of PAM Advertising not only shows off his dog Buddy, but also his first homemade cake in the 23rd episode of the "Greetings from the Home Office" series.

PAM Advertising

Parvez Sheik Fareed is a partner at PAM Advertising. The British-Swiss advertiser founded the creative agency together with Miro Pfister two years ago.


How long have you been in a home office?

Since March 16.


Is your entire agency in a home office?



Did you face any technical problems when setting up your workstation back then?

At the beginning of the year we developed a tension protection, so we could avoid the problem of bandwidth eating video calls. If you want to save your bandwidth with a voltage protection, please contact us.

PAM Advertising

Where have you set up shop?

In the kitchen and living room.


What do you need to be able to do your job?

Head, stationery, computer, mobile phone and internet access.


Do you have home office experience or is this a first?

I have occasionally worked at home, for example when a tradesman's appointment was due. I generally prefer to work in the office.


Which processes are difficult in comparison to the normal everyday life of an agency?

Longer phone calls. The mobile network coverage in my apartment is catastrophic.


Which jobs go smoothly?

Short phone calls.


Is there anything that even works easier or more productively in the home office?

Not in my case, no.


What do they do to keep the ceiling from falling on your head?

Since I have to go out with my dog Buddy every now and then, the ceiling has not yet fallen on my head. Him, by the way, not yet either.

PAM Advertising

What do you miss most about the physical day-to-day life of an agency?

The direct exchange when hatching ideas or in meetings. The fact that there is always a screen or a phone in between makes the whole thing more sluggish.


Are you confident that your agency will come through the crisis unscathed?

Survive yes, undamaged no.


As we all know, everything has its positive sides. What is it in your current home office situation?

I baked a cake for the first time in my life. Visually a GAU, culinary a peacock.

PAM Advertising

When and why did you last laugh in connection with the home office?

When I saw the montage of those unspeakably stupid "Together" commercials.


What would you like to give your colleagues in the industry to take with them on their way through the crisis?

It's never too late to bake apple pie.


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