"Advertiser of the Year" Livio Dainese: "As an artist, I wasn't good enough"

He prefers to be behind the microphone than in front of the camera: Livio Dainese, reigning "Advertiser of the Year" 2018, can be heard on the SRF3 program "Focus".


The worth hearing Conversation with presenter and editor Dominic Dillier is available online and via podcast.

"Livio Dainese does not fit the cliché of the eccentric advertiser. The creative director of a major Swiss advertising agency is more of a quiet team player than a flashy influencer. In Focus, he tells us what a good brand is and why his children often come up with better ideas than he does. Selling people things they don't even want is not his goal. Anyone who tries to cheat with advertising today is immediately exposed, says Livio Dainese, head and creative director of the Wirz advertising agency in Zurich. Telling stories for his clients, solving problems, that's what he sees as his mission. He was a singer in a rock band, attended art school and realized there that he wasn't cut out to be an artist. In Focus, Dainese tells what really inspires him and why good ideas almost always involve a lot of effort." (SRF)

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