Livio Dainese: "People and things that inspire me".

Livio Daine via Livio Dainese.


Fernando Perez

Fernando is my Advertiser of the Year 2004-2018. I should know, because I've been working with him since I've been in advertising. Our ping-pong has never felt like work, even in difficult times. We have always managed to approach tasks with humor instead of panic. Mr. Perez, on the one hand, can think sharper than a steak knife (#haha) and, on the other hand, makes sure that everything ultimately looks the way it does. He is a perfectionist in the best sense.

Keith Loell

Keith was my first CD at my first job in advertising. His enthusiasm for the best idea and his creativity sparked my joy for the job. His air guitar playing on the office desk is legendary. Also, after that, I never heard another person scream through the office like Keith did after winning a "One Show Gold Award."

Keith Loell

Team Wirz

Everyone at Wirz has a small to moderate amount of roof damage. Everyone, from creation to production to consulting. We work here in a biotope of creatures with unusual resumes, hobbies and ideas. Even the agency dogs are refreshingly gaga. This not only makes for hilarity, but also ensures that you learn something every day. And be it "only", like today, that there are Easter bunnies made of salami. (Thanks, Heiri!)


Bernhard Lehner

Bernhard was my film lecturer. He taught me pretty much everything there is to know about film.

Bernhard Lehner

Free time

Without balance, without my family and my bike, I would be good for nothing. A little cranking, and the world is a new one.

The University of Zurich

At university, I spent a few years studying what I could study besides the one I was currently studying. Fortunately, studying was worth it and at some point I realized what I didn't want to study.

Dinosaur Jr.

Music is very important in my life. Since I've realized that I'm no good as a rock star myself, I've focused on my heroes again: For example, J Mascis and his band Dinosaur Jr. Please turn up the volume!


The Felfel machine

Sometimes it feels like he's my only friend: our Felfel vending machine. I fight with my office colleague Samuel Christ for the top position in the regular customer ranking.

Text: Livio Dainese

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