Zofingen local journalist Kurt Blum dies at the age of 69

The well-known local journalist Kurt Blum died in Zofingen on Wednesday at the age of 69 after a long illness. Under his abbreviation KBZ, Blum published thousands of articles over the years in the Zofinger Tagblatt (ZT).


Blum's death was reported on Wednesday by the Zofinger Tagblatt via Twitter and on his Online page. Blum first came into contact with journalism in 1963 as a freelancer for the ZT. He first completed an administrative apprenticeship at the Brittnau municipal office.

In 1969 he was one of the co-founders of "Active Zofingen". This party won 5 of the 40 seats in the Zofingen Residents' Council in the same year. Later Blum, now a member of the SVP, became president of the local council, member of the Aargau parliament and secretary of the SVP Aargau.

In the 1989 elections Blum had to resign his seat on the Grand Council. He signed on with the Zofinger Tagblatt as a local journalist. From then on, there was no topic in and around Zofingen that Blum did not write about. His so-called "summit meeting" at the "Bel Ami", where Blum had his morning coffee from 9 a.m. onwards and took tips for articles, was legendary. (SDA)

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