"Personally, I'm missing a fancy shoe brand in the portfolio".

Corinne Hert, Head of Consulting and Member of the Executive Board at Komet, takes on our "13 Questions".


1. what does not come to your office under any circumstances?

Employees who always see problems instead of solutions. And spiders! 😉

2. what would you most like to promote?

Basically for everyone who has courage and a desire for the unconventional. And personally I am missing a chic shoe brand in the portfolio.

3. the best book you have read lately?

Alex Capus - Patriarchs. Short, good stories. Just as advertising should be.


4. the best testimonial ever?

I thought Michael Phelps for Under Armour was very cool.

5. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a singer. At that time, I didn't know that the fact that I like to sing doesn't necessarily mean that others also like to listen to me.

6. do you think you deserve the salary you earn?

Yes. Don't you?

7. do you fall for advertising? When?

Yes. All anti-wrinkle creams make the many think wrinkles disappear in an instant.

8. what is impossible for you to do without?

High heels, books, sports and our snack box at the agency.

9 What inspired you to enter the advertising industry?

Variety. In our industry, no two days are ever the same, and there are always opportunities to venture into previously uncharted territory.

10. what do you still want to achieve at all costs?

Level B1 in Russian.

11. why don't you conform to the usual clichés of an advertiser?

Because I'm at the agency before 9:00.

12. which advertising campaign from your childhood left a lasting impression on you?

"Mini Wini sausage chain love Karl and the Annette. Mini-Wini, it's obvious, is the children's party star." Hahaha...

13. what goes through your mind when you see a campaign on the street or on television that you have penned?

Hopefully it doesn't have a tipper.

Corinne Hert is Head of Consulting and a member of the Executive Board of the Berne-based LSA agency Komet. Before joining the owner-managed agency three years ago, the federally certified communications manager worked for over ten years in other agencies in Bern and Basel. Komet is based in Bern's Altenberg district, directly on the River Aare in a former carpenter's workshop. The agency's portfolio includes clients such as Visana, Intersport, Microspot, Interdiscount and BSC Young Boys.

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