"Storytelling is far too important to be allowed to get lost in the marketing blah blah"

Felix Courvoisier, producer and CEO at Seed, answers our "13 questions".


1. the best book you've read recently?

"Strafe" by Ferdinand von Schirach, a great storyteller.

2. what is your private TV consumption behavior like?

Classic, linear television: about once every six months, probably a little more often during the World Cup. Otherwise: Netflix.

3. what is currently the biggest challenge for you in communicating with film?

Creating films that viewers want to see.

4. Do you fall for advertising? When?

In any case. Whenever she takes me seriously, has confidence in me and touches me.

5 What do you think of owned media?

A huge challenge, because building credibility is a very long road.

6. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

Storytelling, because it is used so excessively. Storytelling is far too important to be lost in marketing blah-blah.

7. can you tell us a little secret?

Let the movie audience put things together. Don't tell them four, but two plus two. Because the viewer wants to do the math. That's how we achieve involvement. The idea comes from Andrew Stanton from Pixar.

8. What inspired you to enter the advertising/communications industry?

The basic idea behind corporate identity: companies must have "rough edges" if they want to differentiate themselves.

9. what do you still want to achieve?

To produce a movie that I am completely satisfied with without any compromises. However, I fear that this will remain an illusion.

10. why would you advise your children to look for a career in advertising/communications?

Because I believe that human creativity cannot be digitized.

What role do awards play in the advertising industry?

A big one, perhaps too big. But laurels gladden the heart.

12. when you have an idea, how do you know it is good?

When the gut says yes.

13 Where do you currently see the biggest challenge for the communications industry?

I think we underestimate the people to whom we direct our messages. If clients and the industry trusted them more, we would have much more exciting, stimulating and ultimately more effective campaigns.

Felix Courvoisier is co-founder, managing director and producer of the Zurich film agency Seed. The film agency attaches great importance to the development phase. Since its foundation in 2007, Seed's films have won over 100 awards, including in Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Hamburg, Vienna and Switzerland. Clients include ETH Zurich, Geberit, Läderach, Postfinance, Raiffeisen, Ricola, Rivella, Stadler Rail, Swiss Life, Swiss Re, UBS and Vontobel. Seed works closely with Shining Pictures (TV and cinema commercials) and Videoblink (online videos). The three partner companies share ideas, experience, premises and infrastructure.

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