"My grandfather was the central president of the Swiss Folk Music Association."

Parvez Sheik Fareed, Co-Founder and Boss Creative of advertising agency PAM Advertising, takes on our "13 Questions".


1. what would you work for free?

I don't work for free.

2. which print media do you privately subscribe to?

The Time, Swiss month, conflagration, Reports.

3. what do you think about influencer marketing?

An internet cloaca that is a hedge for marketing eunuchs because they have Likes and Views to fall back on.

4. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Cactus waterer.

5. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

Is that a politely disguised recommendation on your part?

6. can you tell us a little secret?

My maternal grandfather, Ernst Hedinger, was the central president of the Swiss Folk Music Association.

7. what inspired you to enter the advertising/communications industry?

I don't know what. Who does: Dave Trott.

8. what role do awards play in the advertising industry?

For some advertisers, they play the leading role.

9. the most important person in your professional career?

Miro Pfister, the M in PAM. Without him, PAM would not exist.

10. which professional colleague would you take with you to a desert island?

Miro Pfister. He's an excellent fisherman. And I can set tables beautifully.

11. when is the mood in your agency bad?

Since we just launched, the mood is very good. As soon as it tips, I'll get back to you with a mood report.

If you could create a campaign with an unlimited budget that would reach large parts of the world, what would your message be?

I don't know. I would have to find out what the problem is before I know what the message will be.

13. what are you determined to achieve?

I want to win the next Miss Switzerland contest.

Parvez Sheik Fareed is co-founder and Boss Creative of the advertising agency PAM Advertising. The British-Swiss advertiser worked as a lawyer in the financial sector before entering advertising as a copywriter at Y&R Group. Sheik Fareed caused an uproar across Switzerland in 2016 with his controversial swastika poster against the enforcement initiative. At the beginning of March, he launched the agency PAM Advertising with Miro Pfister.

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