"If I live to be older than Theophil Butz, I'd probably be the longest-serving ADC member ever."

Patman, chief creative officer at Station, takes on our "13 Questions."


1. what advertising should be banned?

Any form of telemarketing.

2. what is your private TV consumption pattern?

Movies and series with an IMDB rating of at least 7+. Preferably on Netflix.

3. do you tell other people how much you earn?

Sure. Too little to quit, but enough to keep going.

4. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Inventor or perhaps industrial designer, because one of my greatest passions is finding simple solutions to complex problems. That's why I wouldn't call myself an advertiser anymore, because I mainly develop processes for applications and user experiences.

5. what do you see as the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

Finding the right people at the right time. Moreover, the diversity and complexity of the media today requires a multitude of experts. Creating a working environment that successfully brings them together is challenging, but essential.

6 Does the classic agency model have a long-term future?

Is there a classic agency model? In my opinion, you have to constantly reinvent yourself as an agency. United is a current example of this. Through the partnership with Walker and Inhalt und Form, we offer a serious alternative in the market for clients with large mandates.

7. what is impossible for you to do without?

Coffee and family.

8. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

The feeling is that I already did that in 1996, with the switch to digital. What we develop here doesn't really have much to do with advertising anymore.

9. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?


Ten. Can you tell us a little secret?

I was 26 when I was admitted to ADC. If I get older than Theophil Butz, I would probably be the longest serving member ever.

11. what are you determined to achieve?

To be the best father in the world.

12. why would you advise or discourage your children to seek a career in advertising/communication?

I would advise that. Professions that require creativity cannot be replaced by machines in the foreseeable future.

Thirteen. What do you regret?

Not having invested in Bitcoins until very late.

Patman has borne his name since he programmed his first website in 1996. Seven years earlier, he worked as a graphic designer at Publicis and Weber, Hodel, Schmid, until he switched to digital as art director at R.Ø.S.A.. In 2002, together with Patrick Stoll, he founded the digital agency Station. The agency now has 36 permanent employees in Zurich and serves clients such as Migros, SIX, Akris, Stöckli and Bucherer in the disciplines of creation, consulting and development.

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