"Those who can differentiate themselves from the outsized competition by specializing will survive"

Daniel Matter, Managing Partner and Creative Director of Matter + Gretener, takes on our "13 Questions".


1. what advertising should be banned?

The kind that underestimates the consumer or takes them for fools.

2 Does the classic agency model have a long-term future?

Yes and no. Those who can stand out from the oversized competition in their Circle of Competence through specialization will survive.

3. which professional colleague would you take with you to the desert island?

Because I like to be with intelligent and humorous people: Markus Ruf, Matthias Freuler, Peter Brönnimann or Dominik Imseng. But at the moment rather with an intelligent and attractive professional colleague.

4. best book you've read lately?

Uwe Kopf, "The Eleven Brains of the Silkworm". Rolf Dobelli, "The Art of the Good Life".


5. which print media do you privately subscribe to?

The Time. And I'm afraid I can't make it all the way to the next number.

6. what do you think about owned media?

Clever companies apply them. But only works if you can really take care of it.

7. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

The majority of me, or rather Matter + Gretener, have already left them. We don't just get creative when it comes to playing the right communication channels with the right ideas. As a communications consultancy, we now support our clients much earlier and give them a real competitive edge. A well-known example: the crowdfunding campaign for Saas-Fee, one of the most innovative marketing campaigns of recent years.

8. why do you not conform to the usual stereotypes of an advertiser?

Because I don't take myself too seriously.

9. when you have an idea, how do you know it's a good one?

If I would have liked to have had them myself.

10. what is currently overestimated?

Digitization instead of ideas that make a difference.

11. what do you never want to have to hear about yourself?

You were a bad father.

If you could create a campaign with an unlimited budget that would reach large parts of the world, what would your message be?

Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest.

Thirteen. Can you tell us a little secret?

In the restaurant Wesleys Kitchen on Josefstrasse you can eat excellent Hong Kong street food.

Daniel Matter has won over 170 creative awards at home and abroad and has been nominated for Advertiser of the Year several times. Daniel Matter is one of the veterans of the Swiss scene. He has been active in the communications industry for 35 years and has been an independent entrepreneur for a quarter of a century. For the past twelve years, he and his business partner Marcus Gretener have formed the communications consultancy Matter + Gretener, which made headlines across Europe for its crowdfunding campaign for the Saas Fee ski pass, among other things.

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