"If you could integrate an adblocker into your glasses, everyone would do it"

Christophe Vouillamoz, CEO of Geyst, takes on our "13 Questions".


1. what would you work for free?

For young talents with ideas, motivation and commitment.

2. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?

A lava lamp. I've never been able to figure that thing out.

3. what would you most like to promote?

Apart from our customers - preferably for Swiss brands, such as running shoes from On or skis from Faction.

4. what advertising should be banned?

Advertising that is obviously meant to be annoying in order to stick. For example, Siroop's Christmas campaign.

5. what do you think about influencer marketing?

Exciting. Offers new ways of advertising and communicating with and for customers. Advertising products and services is less aggressive and more targeted.

6. what is your private TV consumption pattern?

On demand. Linear programming is not for me. I'm on the road a lot and rarely at home. The consumption of TV content is therefore spontaneous and platform-independent: Mobile, tablet, notebook & beamer. Platforms like SRF Play, Swisscom TV, YouTube and Netflix are my sources of supply.

7. is the opinion true that you cannot grow old in agencies, or is that a prejudice?

No, not at all. What is important is that the generations can exchange ideas and benefit from each other. If such a prerequisite is in place, great things can be created.

8. do you fall for advertising? When?

Yeah, definitely. Even if I don't always notice it. I then analyze how it affected me and try to use it as insight for myself. It usually works for me on an emotional level.

9. which professional colleague would you take with you to a desert island?

My business partner Johannes Just. Since we complement each other well not only professionally but also as people and can therefore be very different, I am confident that we would never get bored.

10. what do you think about adblockers?

If you could integrate an adblocker into your glasses, everyone would do it.

Where do you see the biggest challenge for the advertising industry at the moment?

Adblockers are making it increasingly difficult to adopt the concept of a flood of advertising on the web. That's why we have to work hard on the acceptance of advertising today. Advertising via influencers is a good start. I am curious to see where the journey will go.

12. what is impossible for you to do without?

Endurance sports. A good balance to everyday life. It relieves stress and allows me to carry out and sort out my thoughts.

13. what was the best thing you did in the last five years?

Geyst to co-found.

Christophe Vouillamoz is co-founder, partner and CEO of the agency Geyst. The Valais native, who lives in Zurich, is an avid winter and mountain sports enthusiast. He is just as passionate, if not more so, when it comes to interaction design and web development (for "Geyster" clients Hotelplan, Luminox, Mondaine, Energy, Luzerner Kantonalbank, among others).

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