"Influencers have always been a factor. Not a new invention."

Andreas Felder is Managing Partner of the St. Gallen agency Rembrand and faces our "13 Questions".


1. what would you work for free?

For 15 years, we have been working year after year, free of charge and voluntarily, for people and organizations that do not depend on the big donation pot and need good communication for precisely that reason.

2. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?


3. what do you think about influencer marketing?

Old marketing wisdom, new term. Influencers have always been a factor. Not a new invention.

4. what does your private TV consumption behavior look like?

My remote control collects a bit of dust due to little use.

5. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Maybe magazine salesman? In terms of occupational image, he comes just behind the advertiser, but still ahead of the second-hand dealer.

6. what do you see as the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

The fact that controllers and other number crunchers on the customer side are definitely gaining the upper hand, who believe that any impact that cannot be quantified immediately is money wasted.

7. what do you never want to have to hear about yourself?

Arrogant Tubel.

8. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

Influencer Marketing.

9. what would you not promote under any circumstances?

Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin.

10. which advertising medium do you find abominable?

The illuminated panels on foul-smelling urinals, most of which feature prostate tablet advertisements.

11. name a campaign that has recently caught your eye in a positive way - but did not originate with you.

The Migros Christmas commercial 2017.

12. which advertising campaign from your childhood left a lasting impression on you?

There are a few of them: Bauknecht, for example, with the claim "Bauknecht knows what women want. I never really understood it back then, and sometimes I still don't know what women really want. Or the cigarette ads in the early evening program (!): "Who's about to blow up?" with the HB male. Or "I drink Jägermeister because ..." Of course also "FIGUGEGL", "Da weiss man, was man hat" etc. I think those were great times for advertisers back in the 70s.

13. what goes through your mind when you see a campaign on the street or on television that you have penned?

Perhaps this or this could have been done better after all.

Andreas fields is Managing Partner of Rembrand AG für Marke, Design und Kommunikation in St. Gallen. He specializes in building and managing brands in the consumer goods, retail and tourism sectors. Before joining Rembrand, he worked for many years in various marketing functions in the service and consumer goods industry in Switzerland and abroad.

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