"Advertisers must still not take themselves too seriously"

Oliver Kirschbaum, Managing Director and Partner of the Basel agency Eyeloveyou, faces our "13 Questions".


1. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?


2. Does the classic agency model have a long-term future?

Yeah, sure, why not? Advertisers must still not take themselves too seriously.

3. do you fall for advertising?

No, never. But I like to be surprised by it.

Have you ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

Yes, almost every day. And always immediately discarded the thought.

5 . What would you not promote under any circumstances?

Everything on the right outside.

6. why don't you conform to the usual clichés of an advertiser?

I don't drink coffee. The rest is true.

What role do awards play in the advertising industry?

None for us.

8. the best testimonial ever?

Chuck Norris.

9. is the opinion that you can't grow old in agencies true, or is that a prejudice?

Our copywriter is 61.

10. name a campaign that has recently caught your eye in a positive way - but did not originate with you.

The Swiss Life reversible sets.

11. which film title best describes your career so far?

"The Meaning of Life.

12. when you have an idea, how do you know it is good?

That special feeling when the team is already grinning with joy at the idea sketch.

13. the best Swiss campaign ever?


Oliver Kirschbaum runs the Eyeloveyou advertising agency in Basel together with his two business partners Rafael Dietschy and Stevie Fiedler. The 10-strong agency's portfolio includes clients such as Caffè Spettacolo (Valora), the FHNW University of Applied Sciences, Allianz Cinema, Roche and the Basel Symphony Orchestra. Eyeloveyou.ch

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