"If someone is short of money for a beef tenderloin, he must use imagination to make something out of minced meat"

Oliver Rau, Managing Director and co-owner of the Rau advertising agency, answers our "13 questions".


1. what does not come to your office under any circumstances?

A Chihuahua.

2. what does your private TV consumption behavior look like?

DMAX, Pro7 MAX, ZDF Neo, Kabel 1 Doku or an exciting soccer match on SRF 2.

3. do you fall for advertising? When?

Every now and then. When I've seen a product on one of the home shopping channels for the umpteenth time - e.g. the green, handy garden hose. But I can recommend it.

4 Why would you advise or discourage your children to look for a career in advertising/communications?

You can have a lot of fun in the communications industry - at least we do - and there's no such thing as boredom.

5. when is there a bad mood in your agency?

When I have to assert myself against the AD and CD. Fortunately, this is only very rarely the case.

6 What do you think of adblockers?

Anyone who wants to use them can decide for themselves. However, you should not expect more and more to be made available free of charge.

7 Where do you currently see the biggest challenge for the advertising industry?

The general attitude, more and more for less and less. We often make the comparison with a butcher's shop. If someone doesn't have enough money for a fillet of beef, they have to use their imagination to make something out of minced meat.

8. does the advertising industry receive enough appreciation for its work?

No, unfortunately not. It all comes from the computer.

9. which advertising campaign from your childhood left a lasting impression on you?

The Toni yogurt and Mitsubishi campaigns.

10. do you think you deserve the salary you earn?

Of course.

11 What can you not possibly do without?

To my daily box of Marlboro red.

12. which advertising medium do you find abominable?


13. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?

Yes, every now and then. But I quickly gave up again.

Oliver Rau is co-owner of the Rau advertising agency, which was founded seven years ago with Richard Rau, the former creative director of the Cosmic advertising agency. Interio, Herren Globus, OfficeWorld, BASF and, for example, Sika were well-known brands that were creatively supported by both of them at Cosmic. In recent years, the Rau advertising agency has specialized strongly in the real estate sector. In addition to Halter, Privera, KM&P and CSL Immobilien, its portfolio also includes Credit Suisse, the Swiss Cafetier Association, Clear Channel Switzerland and other clients.

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