13 Questions for... Gilles Aeby

Why Gilles Aeby, founder and owner of Numéro 10, thinks about leaving the advertising industry every day and yet doesn't, he reveals in our series "13 Questions for..."


1. the best self-promotion?
Contagious laughter.

2. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?
Advertising Psychologist.

3. has your media behaviour changed in the last three years? (If yes, how?)
Thanks to Swisscom TV's replay function, I can now skip commercial breaks.

Four. What are you sorry for?

5. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?
Tropical climate and mosquitoes.

6. what would you most like to promote?
Anti-mosquito spray.

7. what is impossible for you to do without?

8. what do you never want to have to hear about yourself?
Rest in peace.

9. ever thought about leaving the advertising industry?
Every day, but the addiction remains stronger.

Ten. Can you tell us a little secret?
Shh-shh-shh-shh (whispered very softly in your ear).

11. what would you not promote under any circumstances?
Atomic bomb.

12. what are you determined to achieve?
Early Retirement.

13. which internet sites do you use regularly? (private/professional)

Gilles Aeby is the founder and, since 2010, sole shareholder of the bilingual Bernese communications agency Numéro 10. Specialising in synchronised communication, Numéro10 focuses on campaigns that do justice to the multiplicity and convergence of content, target groups, media and technologies.

The "13 Questions" appear both online and in the print edition of Werbewoche.

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