13 Questions for... Markus Gut

Who is banned from Markus Gut's office and who was his most amusing lunch partner? Our 13 questions this time are for the Chief Creative Officer CCO, Y&R Group Switzerland.


1. you could swap your smartphone with someone else's for a day. Would you? And if so, with whom?

With my little daughter. She is only allowed to use the mobile phone for half an hour a day.

2. what would you work for free for a week?

For a Gold Lion at Cannes.

3. what does not come to the office under any circumstances?

Potted plants are absolutely forbidden in my office!

4. what advertising should be banned?

All without an idea.

5. what was the most fun lunch partner?

Massimo Rocci. He didn't make a racist joke, by the way.

6. the best testimonial ever?

Martina Hingis for V-Zug ... 🙂

7. what do you personally think about the effect of advertising/PR?

Good advertising works!

8. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

I almost ended up in the diplomatic corps and became a consul.

9. what is it that you cannot possibly do without?

Stracciatella Gelato.

10. who inspired you to enter the advertising industry?

Andy Warhol

11. what would you not promote under any circumstances?

For advertising bans.

12. which advertising medium do you find abhorrent?

Those canvas on free-range cows!

13. which websites do you use regularly?


Markus Gut worked as Head of Creative and Member of the Executive Board at Publicis from 1994. Since January 2008, he has been responsible for Young & Rubicam Group Switzerland as Managing Director Creation and Chief Creative Officer.

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