13 Questions for... Nadine Borter

What can't BSW President Nadine Borter do without? And what gets on the nerves of the Contexta owner? This and 11 other answers can be found in the second issue of our new question series.


1. what inspired you to enter the advertising industry?

A shoot for Valser Wasser as a Contexta intern: everything gets better, the advertising stays good.

2. the best testimonial ever?

"Ik bin ein Berliner," by John F. Kennedy.

3. what do you personally think about the effect of advertising?

Only good.

4. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Diving instructor in French Polynesia.

5. is the opinion true for you that you can't grow old in advertising, or is that a prejudice?

Maurice Levy is 71 - so there's definitely still something in it.

6. what do you see as the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

It must work.

7. do you fall for advertising? When?

Always a pleasure.

8. what is impossible for you to do without?

To the bowl of candy in my office.

9. what do you think about owned media?

Old wine in new channels.

10. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

Owned Media.

11. can you tell us a little secret?

Anyone who has worked for Appenzeller cheese for 20 years gives away no secrets.

12. was there a moment in your life when you thought: Wow. This is great. And it's from me!

Yes, on the birthday of Blanche, my daughter.

13. what would you not advertise under any circumstances?

For advertising bans.

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