13 Questions for... Thomas Wildberger

In our new series, we confront representatives from the advertising and communications industry with 13 questions that leave room for maneuver. We start with Thomas Wildberger, Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Communications Switzerland.


1. what inspired you to enter the advertising industry?

Migros. I did my commercial apprenticeship at Migros in 1990 and they did very good advertising back then; made possible by people like Jules Kyburz, who was a big thinker and certainly still is. Today, unfortunately, the roller-case commandos rule there.

2. what is it impossible for you to do without?

To FIFA 14.

3. a buzz word that gets on your nerves?

"Like the old Fasnacht."

4. which advertising medium do you find abominable?

A consultant with a bad presentation under his arm.

5. where and how have you ever bluffed in your life?

When I was about 8 years old, I got into a fight with an older man. When I arrived - with a lot of fear in my pants - at the appointed place, the other has canceled the sails without a fight.

6. the best self-promotion for an advertiser?

A folder with at least one campaign you have created and implemented yourself for a large, paying client.

7. who was the most fun lunch partner?

My wife. She is also the most amusing dinner and breakfast partner. And even more amusing when we're not eating.

8. the best testimonial ever?

Neil Armstrong in the "Moon Landing" commercial for NASA. Broadcast on July 21, 1969.

9. what do you see as the biggest challenge for advertising at the moment?

It has been the same since time immemorial: We must not bore people. Apart from that: We should primarily develop big campaigns for big clients. But we are also allowed to produce prototype campaigns so that we can show what we would be capable of. But we have to be careful that these two worlds don't diverge.

10. what would you work for free for one month?

For a charity.

11. if you had not become an advertiser - what then?

Footballer. Or a roller-case commander at Migros.

Can you tell us a little secret?

Yes, I am superstitious. That's why I only answered 12 questions instead of 13.


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