No support measures for media in the canton of Zurich

The canton of Zurich will not take any support measures for the media. The Cantonal Council has rejected a Green Party motion with this demand.

The Zurich Cantonal Council does not want any cantonal support measures for media houses in the canton of Zurich. (Symbol image: Keystone/Christian Beutler)

The rejection took place at the meeting on Monday with 65 to 108 votes. The postulate demanded a concept from the government council, with which direct and indirect support measures the media diversity and quality in the canton of Zurich could be secured.

The demand was supported by the Greens, the SP, the EVP and the AL. The government council already spoke out against it in its written statement.

The first signatory, Karin Fehr Thomas (Green Party, Uster), justified the motion with the massive pressure that the media houses in the canton of Zurich are also under. The slump in advertising revenues is leading to job cuts and less media diversity.

Opponents of the postulate referred, among other things, to the federal government, whose responsibility it is to promote the media. The government council also referred to the federal government's funding measures. In addition, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which is largely financed by the canton of Zurich, offers solid professional training for journalists. (SDA)

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