Minimum wages at private radio stations and private television for the first time

For the first time, the social partners have agreed on minimum working conditions for programmers at private radio stations and private TV stations. Accordingly, the minimum wage is 4800 Swiss francs a month with a 13th month's pay. There is also an entitlement to at least five weeks' vacation a year.

For employees aged 49 and over, the vacation entitlement is six weeks, as the employee representatives Schweizer Syndikat Medienschaffender SSM, Syndicom and Impressum announced on Thursday. On the employer side, the Association of Swiss Private Radio VSP and the regional television association Telesuisse negotiated the conditions.

The minimum wage applies to trained and permanent employees. In the future, the social partners will pay pension fund contributions on the entire salary without coordination deduction. During statutory maternity leave, employers pay the full salary.

In addition, program creators can now submit copyrighted contributions in competitions and publish them on their own, non-commercial website two weeks after the first broadcast. According to the employee representatives, the background to the agreement is the new licensing of private radio and TV stations. (SDA)

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