Canton Zurich to support MAZ students

Several members of the Cantonal Council are calling for the Canton of Zurich to provide financial support for students at Lucerne's MAZ School of Journalism. They have submitted a motion to this effect.

The canton of Zurich should support students at the MAZ in Lucerne. This is what several cantonal councillors are calling for. (Archive photo: Keystone/Stefan Deuber)

Specifically, the council members of AL, EVP, SP and Greens were bothered by the disadvantage of Zurich students compared to those from twelve other cantons, according to the motion published on Thursday.

Thanks to annual contributions from "their" cantons, students from other cantons would only have to pay CHF 18,500 for the journalism diploma training, whereas Zurich students would have to pay CHF 28,000.

Zurich as an important media center

As an important media center, the canton of Zurich has an interest in good training for journalists. This had already been stated by the government council in its response to a postulate in 2021, the motionaries said.

They therefore demand annual co-financing of the MAZ by the Canton of Zurich. In this way, a disadvantage for Zurich students could be eliminated. The motion will now go to the Cantonal Council. (SDA)

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