Federal government reduces indirect press subsidies by 3 centimes

In the coming year, the federal government will subsidize the delivery of regional and local newspapers with 26 centimes per copy. That is three centimes less than in the current year. The reason for this is that the federal government is granting more subsidies than money is available in 2022.

(Iconic image: Unsplash.com)

For this reason, it is deducting the additional expenditure from the subsidies available for 2023, as the Federal Council announced on Friday. 30 million Swiss francs are available to the federal government for the indirect promotion of regional and local daily and weekly newspapers.

As of October 1, 2022, 148 titles in the regional and local press met the requirements for a delivery allowance under the indirect press subsidy. They have a total annual circulation of 112 million copies.

Compared to the previous year, one title fell below the circulation floor of one thousand copies, namely the City Gazette Opfikon/Glattbrugg ZH. Another appears only every two weeks, namely the Corriere dell'Italianità. These two titles can therefore no longer benefit from indirect press subsidies.

The titles of the membership and foundation press will receive an unchanged 18 centimes per copy in the coming year. (SDA)

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