Eva Hirschi new at Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch

The association Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch has expanded its office. As of June 1, freelance journalist Eva Hirschi is working for the association.

Eva Hirschi neu bei Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch Eva Hirschi's work at Öffentlichkeitsgesetz.ch focuses on the preliminary work for the ög:regio project, which will focus on the development of publicity laws in the cantons, regions and municipalities from 2023. The freelance journalist comes from Bern and lives in Lausanne. She studied international relations and media/communication in Geneva. Hirschi is also the managing director of investigativ.ch, also with a 20-percent job. Publicity law.ch is linked to the Swiss research network through a cooperation agreement.

Julia Rippstein, a journalist from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and Marlene Hinteregger (website and administration) will continue to work at the office of the association, which is committed to the proper implementation of Swiss publicity laws. It is headed by Martin Stoll on an 80 percent basis. Karl Kümin (editor and lawyer at the consumer magazines K-Tipp and saldo) is in charge of Jusline in German-speaking Switzerland, while Dominique Diserens, a lawyer at Imprint, is in charge of Jusline in French-speaking Switzerland.

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